Apple haiku

machine or device?

summer, spring or fall… Apple 

has an app for that.

so much haiku, so

little time & so many

                                        choices at

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‘mac’ short for machine?

OMG! iJGI!   MAC shrt 4 machine – not macintosh

the apple dudes are geniuses – okay, not like the ones at the ‘genius’  bar, but clever nonetheless.

mac is abbreviated from machine, and while it can also be shor for macintosh – of the crunchy, red & delicious sort – imachines thinks not 🙂

this:                                   not this:


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imachine or idevice?

Wikipedia says “a machine manages power to accomplish a task, examples include, a mechanical system, a computing system, an electronic system, a molecular machine and a biological machine. In common usage, the meaning is that of a device having parts that perform or assist in performing any type of work. A simple machine is a device that transforms the direction or magnitude of a force.”

Apple’s ‘i’ portfolio has revolutionized the ‘simple machine’ or device.  Their machines iPadiPod, iMac, &  iPhone  – have transformed the direction AND force of music, art, education, socialization, and less sexily the world of computer forensics, government, and engineering.

Apple Sexy circa 1978

We can give Apple ALL the credit for the simple machine’s evolution to device, and then making them sexy…

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Getting Started

This site is going to introduce and discuss Apple products being used for machines and industrial applications.

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