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Innovation and resources

As a society, lately we’ve tossed aside America’s true innovations in factories, machines and automation. If America is anything it is about hard work, productivity and yes, innovation. But we can’t ignore any leg of the triangle or the tripod … Continue reading

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Machines make a kinection

Apple’s real innovation is Steve Job’s attention to detail, elegance, Occum’s Razor/KISS or as attributed to Einstein. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Apple’s forte is also a beautiful marketing sense and – like Microsoft -brute … Continue reading

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A looking glass into the machine

The iPad wasn’t really anything new, but it sure has lit a fire as if it’s something new. Basically, it’s a tablet computer or just a fat iPod Touch. I mean do you remember the Dynabook or Memex? Yeah, definitely an old idea! … Continue reading

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