innovating innovation and/or marketing geniuses

Innovation may be the word most people use to describe Apple. Microsoft on the other hand, isn’t usually described as innovative – They’re rather a fair to middling marketing plan, and more successfully solid product planning. It’s almost beauty vs. brawn.  In the opinion of many engineers, Apple’s greatest innovation, the GUI was a copy.

In fact, it’s hard to think of a real Apple-created innovation. The Mac GUI started with Xerox; the iPod wasn’t the first music players – just the prettiest; Palm actually beat the iPhone to market; the iPad – a sleaker Blio? the concept of tablets could be considered old school.

But… Apple’s marketing is genius.  This is not news – but in our scramble to load a song on our iPhone, create a masterpiece, or touch a story with our kids on the iPad, it deserves some reflection.

Innovation highlights include:

  • the concept of disposable imachines; creating a market by tightly managing production to just under consumer demand;
  • rolling out the ‘new’ version imachine before we’ve learned to use the old one;
  • bridging art with tech – imachines that perform amazing feats AND look good
  • making imachines that are truly human-interfacing, responding to our touch or shake;

So, we stand by our microsoft machines because they work. But today’s world is increasingly about the i (not me) looking good, no matter how well you work – and in that world, Apple innovates.


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