Innovation and resources

As a society, lately we’ve tossed aside America’s true innovations in factories, machines and automation. If America is anything it is about hard work, productivity and yes, innovation. But we can’t ignore any leg of the triangle or the tripod will fall.

Our success in the future lies in returning to American manufacturing prosperity. We can do it. We have the machines, the ideas, the knowledge and the hard work required. We also have a competitive advantage in resources with new oil and gas finds. These new energy sources are going to be a key aspect of our return to a manufacturing powerhouse.

For America to remain strong we must innovate at all levels, we are often blind to this. This has been especially true of those leading from Wall Street and the VC community who’ve been pushing work off-shore. The work always flows to the low-cost provider, but it really should flow to the highest-value provider and this is where US innovators in products, manufacturing and finance need to focus.  To survive as the economic power we’ve been, we need to innovate in the factory and with machine builders.

In industry and especially manufacturing, PCs are in play a lot more often than Macs. But it’s time for Apple to innovate beyond the consumer glitter and start putting the oil on and polishing up their machines.

Here come the imachines!


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