Anyone for a game of imonopoly?

There are a couple of interesting items to note about today’s announcement of Apple and RIM’s part in buying Nortel remaining patent portfolio for $4.5 billion. 

imonopoly money?


One, Apple leads the article, solidifying imachines’ stance that they are the industry leaders – no matter the device or machine, software or hardware, they lead the pack. Microsoft gets 3rd billing in this article, despite their previous hold on our desktops, and world domination of spreadsheets. Google was shut out of the game because of money. Apple – not so much. They don’t have money issues, and they don’t make spreadsheets, they want to make them faster – with LTE.

Two, they are leading or creating evolution – in this case buying LTE or long term evolution patents, the next step in wireless access and downloading. They’ve realized in a lull of new machines or products, you can sell speed and access – in this case internet/downloading – to your customers. This isn’t as sexy as a new nano, ipad, or imac, but it sure makes those machines sexier. We want our stuff and we want it faster – at least I do.

Apple’s innovation is being challenged by engineers, but I don’t think that ‘software’ is where they innovate. Sure, they’ve created the icloud, iOS 4, and some beautiful music, film, and art apps, but their real sweet spot is innovating marketing. It’s realizing or creating what the “next” anything will be, buying the patent for it, maybe tweaking the packaging, creating the demand, managing the production perfectly, creating the expectation, and then rolling it out.

Their forte is making machines into devices, and making us want them.

They take the geeky code and patents, and put them in these wonderful little packages that we can move with our fingers, have cute names,  let us bring our media world wherever we go, and now…. get there, wicked fast!

There’s room for all kinds of innovation. Apple’s probably working on an app for that…


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