Machines make a kinection

KISS Principal

Keep It Simple Stupid

Apple’s real innovation is Steve Job’s attention to detail, elegance, Occum’s Razor/KISS or as attributed to Einstein.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Apple’s forte is also a beautiful marketing sense and – like Microsoft -brute force solid product planning.

Sometimes innovation flows the other direction and while the prevailing is opinion is that Apple innovates and Microsoft copies, it’s not always true.

Take the Kinect Sensor for XBox, it’s not just about games. Hats off to Microsoft for delivering not only a valuable addition to their gaming machine, but true innovation at an very affordable cost.

Engineers everywhere have rejoiced and hacked. Kinect hacking excitement  convinced then M$ to open up the closed product, to allow innovation from all directions. Again, hats off to this new M$! This is the dream and this is what lights an engineer’s fire. People are using the Kinect to control machines, to make new user interfaces. The box is open and the challenge is in there.

We engineers invite Apple to take their innovative machines beyond just a rhetorical device.

What can you offer next?


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